06 June 2011

Panic Attack!

Got a call from Henley today and they finally gave us the move-in date.  Guess it when?

E O F Y !

How about that?? It's already June!!!!!  I think we're the only new owners not excited with the move or should I say we're just terrified of the reality that we're about to face...hehehe Tomorrow we'll ring the real estate agent advising them of our intention to leave their property, start boxing our stuff, contact a removalist, ring electricity/gas/internet/phone providers, and contact God to help us with these things!!!  OMG, this is now getting serious don't know where to start....=(

Also, we met the super young good looking SS today and we were told that our French door was stolen last week!  What the!  Oh well, if it they have not left it lying for two weeks inside, no one had been interested..

I'm still in awe while writing this blog that it won't be long and we'll be living our dream house for the next 30 years of our lives...will miss the St. Peter's church here in Bentleigh and the rest of the community...  


  1. Wow.. congratulations.. We should have a date this Wednesday.. but don't you now win a bet with Anthony?? hehe.. as we won't be moving in by the end of this month!! Very jealous..

  2. Thanks Damo and Kylie! Don't be jealous, yours is coming very very soon too!

    Anth looks like had apparent amnesia of the bet, denying he had ever said it! hahaha