05 June 2011

No Entry!

Our wooden fences are now around the house so, yeah, no trespassers please! =)  Yay, are we nearing the end over err handover of the keys??? Yehey! I think we need to start packing...and throw our things to the three boxes we just pinched from our friend over the weekend...hehehe

This is the latest photo of our backyard with the fence.  No complain at all, just enough play field for my daughter...:)

I just don't understand why until now our main front door is not installed???? Hmmm...can't find the door we saw last weekend inside the house.  Did they end up sending the wrong one to the supplier???  Tomorrow for the first time we will have the chance to meet the SS, so hopefully he's got satisfying answer for us...

Other stuff that we spotted when we sneaked in while the cats are gone - STACKED STONE!  Woohoo! They look terribly fat and good!  How good things are when you get them for FREE!  Can't ask for more...

Electrical outlets, downlights are now in place.  Oh we've got our powder room already set up as well...hmmm...hopefully it has not been used now the portalet is gone...=)

Look! we've got stainless steel sink drain...=)

Last but not the least, our rangehood is now in with the kitchen sink.  Not the fanciest hood but they are lovely to my eyes!  I feel like a masterchef contestant...hihi

We also organized someone to measure the windows and doors for the blinds tomorrow.  Haven't clearly organized our thoughts which one to choose from the five options my hubby listed.  I'll put these five in my next blog when we finally decided...=)

Til then!

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