17 April 2011

Gimme a Brick

It's all looking good now...at least, the facade that we've been trying out to imagine using the Studio M http://www.studiom.com.au/envisage is now taking it's shape, for real!  One of the two pillars will be rendered and the other one be filled with stacked stone...Don't know if they will look good but I'm crossing my fingers and toes now that they will bring a different accent.  

So much have happened in weeks' time...the interior has now a different ambiance and hopefully we can get rid of the display house's orientation off our minds to ours in the coming months. :D  Honestly, we're still confused of our house plan...hehe

From the rolls of insulation inserted between the studs to the plastering, here are some before and after photos:


One thing that was totally a miss! We were not able to put additional soundproofing materials between the walls of the theater and bedroom.  So much time to ask, I even mentioned this to the husband but didn't do anything until I spoke with my boss.  Unfortunately, plastering has already begun...Geeze, what a slacker me! Hopefully, there will be no night shift working in the household otherwise, it will just be a pain sleeping. =)

Our solar hot water has also been "roughed in."  However, can't reach the roof to get a close-up view, so til our next post! :)