30 March 2011

Packed to the Rafters

Thanks to our good friend Romy for taking time of doing this indie/documentary/first amateur video of our unfinished home!  

The place was abuzz!  We were not expecting a jam packed full of site "supervisors" but we hope we had been wonderful hosts...hehehe

The lid of the house had been put on and while we were doing a bit of tour to our first guests, hope you are liking the behind the scenes look at the creation of our first crib...

20 March 2011

The Pink Room

At the onset of the construction, our little girl knows that she'd be having her own room and where it'd be.  So, every time we visit our home she always go straight to that room, tell me where the T&B, and where her wardrobe is.  She tells me what color feature she likes and that's always been, no other than 
P I N K!  Afterwards, she'd wave me to go back to our room.  

Oh yeah, she's wanting privacy now!!

how about a cheeky pose while leaning on the
entrance door

feeling the view from her bedroom

Here are some decorating ideas my daughter would probably like to have on her room.  I let her choose from these photos.  Guess, what she picked?

She chose the 1st and last pictures combined...
"As pre-schoolers they like to showcase their developing personalities like these drawings on the wall and their favorite toys; while tweens are usually preoccupied with favorite accessories just like this pink bedlinen."

Well, I am no surprised by the things that captures her attention.  It's good she knows what she wants and that's what makes it easier for us and hoping we can fit these in our budget! =)

Til our next post!

P.S. Photos taken from http://www.homelife.com.au/home+ideas/galleries/decorating+ideas+for+childrens+bedrooms,12469

13 March 2011

Gullible's Travel

300 metres from afar I can see our house from the opening of a round-about section in our estate.  I thought I was looking at a different house because I was expecting a more or less complete roofing tiles installed,  as I've been told "halfway there already!"  

Holy crap! I think I've been gagged for days! There was not even one tile on the roof! LOL

Anyways, everything is in order and "on the floor" for Stage Four to begin. Roofing materials will be installed, windows and exterior doors will be placed, and facade materials such as bricks and siding will be applied on the coming days.  Can't wait much! :)

Wall sheating and aluminium windows are attached

                       our timber doors and windows

our roof tiles
the bricks

P.S. Ken, I will have my sweet revenge and I will make sure that one day will be mine! LOL

05 March 2011


Since the weekend, we expected nothing much to have happened at the site when we arrived there today.  But we were astounded and thrilled to see that all the posts have been stood up and the beams are already in place!  

Wow, it's really beginning to look like a house!

We are amazed at the outstanding job the Site Supervisor has done to keep this site clean and tidy at all times.  Hopefully, this will last until the final stages...:)

Getting at the site, we caught the tradies jackhammering the slab which they kept us waiting for 2 hours before we had been able to take pictures.  They had miscalculated the area of the dining and would give us a smaller alfresco if they have not found it just in time.  I am afraid that the measurements are just numbers to me!


Overall, we're overwhelmed with the outcome as everything went pretty smoothly in just two week's time!  The timber looked as clean and good as the look of the house, the nails were properly penetrated on the woods, and poles quality treated and installed.

Here are some photos of the house.  We mixed up some rooms at one point as we were still getting a bit of a feel for the size of the house :D.

the etnry porch

hubby cleaning the soon-to-be benchtop.  Lounge on his right.

the alfresco

ishi's tent is waiting to be stood up on our backyard 

the side of the house looking the alfresco

our theatre room!

dining area

butler's pantry

side view of the house 
another photo of us when this porch is finished! I'll keep you all posted! :D