07 July 2011

Settling in

Who would have thought we'd be able to move in three days after the PCI**. Hehehe It was a whirlwind decision, though a few things still need to be fixed; we're hoping they're going to do them sooner than later.

My husband and a few chosen friends did all the hard work and helped us get through this bloody way of moving house, BIG TIME! How they've done it?  I have no idea!  Undoubtedly, they did a very good job I was so impressed they worked like pros. Well done to the hubby who drove the truck just as easy and smoothly in the freeway while he maintained the inside unshaken.  Spotless!  It took them 4 hours to load the things but it only took them one hour to unload. Far Out! This is not possible without the help of our Filo friendships!

Our deepest thanks to Romy, Paul, Rico, Fhedz, Molly, Jeff, Ryan, and Lorie for the borrowed time. We owe you guys so much!

This is the picture of our first night in our dream house. We're sooo tired that right after this shot, we were knocked out!

So much things still need to be done. Hoping by the time I report for work next week, all is settled....til next time, thanks for reading my blog....

**29 June - PCI (my 3rd year in OZ)
  30 June - Settlement
  02 July - Move-in