28 May 2011

Garage Sale

One thing I noticed when we visited our soon to be home today - no more fences! Yeah, they are starting to unpack their things one by one...and, our excitement is getting closer day by day...whew!

Well here goes the update:

  • timber windows awning are now stained
  • our front door and stacked stones are delivered
  • architraves all installed satisfactory plus house fully painted
  • bathroom tiles in progress
  • GARAGE and DRIVEWAY done!

Bet you'd like some pictures to feed your imagination, so here they are folks!

In the coming two to three weeks, the SS would be able to tell us our move in date which hopefully by end of July.  So, please hang in there til our most awaited journey begins!

17 May 2011


At long last, NearMap (nearmap.com) has finally taken time to get an aerial view of our suburb!  It's been six months and some of our future neighbors have finally settled in with their new houses and some are still on the deck to handover of the house keys....

In the meantime, here's a better view of our block of land with roof tiles all mounted as of 7 Apr 2011!

15 May 2011

The Ministry

I was told that fixing stage is finishing this week so painter and tiler could start really really soon.  The cornices have been fit and installed, however, some of the architraves have not been done so most probably this stage will go for another week.  I know they've been very slow but that's alright we are not bothered because the build contract is until August.

The most anticipated of them all is now standing before our very eyes!  The kitchen cabinets!  Here are some of the favorite angles of our kitchen.  I don't really cook, but with this huge and beautiful kitchen I am definitely would be hanging out here more while the hubby is cooking...=)

Look how wide our benchtop is, we might not need a dining table for a while...=)

I did have second thoughts when we chose the color and design of the cupboards but everything is looking great, especially the glossy look above!  I thought the color will complement with dark floorboards and off white walls to achieve the modern contemporary feel of the house.  My husband and I are so delighted with the result.

To feed your eyes more, below are some of the pics of the progress:

common bathroom

common shower
master's ensuite

my little girl hiding inside the built in wardrobe of her room

view from the theatre room
view from the butler's pantry
window siding in the theatre room but not sure what does this mean...

Nothing much has happened outside the house except the rendered pillar is now colored light brown haze.  The other pillar is still bricked which is good because that means they have not forgotten that they will put feature stones as agreed and signed. ^_^

Til next time friends!