19 February 2011


Nobody tipped us off of any progress, so we just went to the site and here ya go...Oh it's slabbin all the way baby!!

I don't think the SS is here and I don't think these tradies do care, so I asked the husband if he could get a bit of what they are doing while I take photos of this beautiful slab.

If you were with me, I don't think you will see my excitement coz I was kick'n my feet, wavin my arms, and leanin forward in my bouncy! ^_^

This is Waffle Pods slabs.  The styrofoam works as formwork; better in clay soils as they sit on the ground not in it and the clay is free to expand and contract.  They say foam would last 100 yrs out of the weather!

Laying of concrete underlay and reinforcement in the beams and slabs

Tradie's shoes need cleaning :D

With the boxing in place and the mesh in the trenches, we just need the weather to hold until the concrete is poured!

One week later....

If this slab has any cracks appearing, it's all because it didn't keep it wet enough! But alas, so far so good!

With the boxing off, we can begin a better idea of what will go where...

we tried out the step from the entry porch welcoming our guests!

01 February 2011

Never never land...soon!

It's been two months now and the land is still a land...The excitement will peak one day but I can't tell exactly when...but i know from the pictures below it's coming our way soon!

Site works preparation for footing and slab

It's ok to sneak out...:D

Utilities connections installed

Service Pipes installed

Before fencing

a safety sign which means something big is coming soon!

as the levels are formed and the trenches dug, it's all beginning to take shape

The Moment of Truth!

This is a huge rrrrrelief! The moment we've been waiting for has come! After 3 long months of preparation, we have finally secured an unconditional loan approval!  Woohooo! Now what???

The secret should be revealed and the rest of the deposit be made ASAP...=)

"Yes, we are serious enough about buying a house..." 

Done Deal

Ooooopppsss! Now, we've finally signed the contracts we have no reason to back out at all.

So fingers crossed, 
     prayer mats out,
     breaths hold at this stage until the bank loan approves... 

Spying from space

I am getting bored of looking at my blog with no updates at all!  While us waiting for the land title to be released and with the wide network of our friend Ken, he shared to us this site nearmap.com to get updates on our land via satellite.  

Here it is! A land is still a land....=D

aerial view as of 28/10/2010

House Plan

Edgewater is the brand Henley uses for their specific homes.  Homes which are built and sold as is.  

We are just lucky to have found the perfect house plan for us so easy...A lot of extra time, a lot of extra money, huge headaches and countless sleepless nights are saved!

This is not the original facade we chose because for some reason, five houses away from us is a similar design.  Bloody council, eh?  As a consolation, we could still get the stacked stone originally in the Summer but we're not sure if it would look good..hehe

Living Style: Open plan with large living areas and windows.
 Oh, btw our garage is situated on the left! :D

internal color

external colour

A Secret Between...

this is the piece of evidence of our decision with Linda G...my husband and i kept it a secret to our friends because we wanted to get finance approval first..for a simple reason: we just thought we'd be declined...=)

Ocular Inspection of Botanica Springs Estate

It is located 35 km west of Melbourne's CBD, a country living with city convenience, and has a welcoming entrance framed by distant hills - Botanica Springs Estate.  

Our friend Mark showed us the vicinity and introduced us to Linda G, Edgewater's sales agent.  And, the rest is history...

Stage 14 estate plan

At the roundabout, take the first exit...

It's a 512 sq.m. block of land that we are eyeing to purchase

to Botanica Springs blvd.

to nowhere

view from the land with the "little boss"