28 May 2011

Garage Sale

One thing I noticed when we visited our soon to be home today - no more fences! Yeah, they are starting to unpack their things one by one...and, our excitement is getting closer day by day...whew!

Well here goes the update:

  • timber windows awning are now stained
  • our front door and stacked stones are delivered
  • architraves all installed satisfactory plus house fully painted
  • bathroom tiles in progress
  • GARAGE and DRIVEWAY done!

Bet you'd like some pictures to feed your imagination, so here they are folks!

In the coming two to three weeks, the SS would be able to tell us our move in date which hopefully by end of July.  So, please hang in there til our most awaited journey begins!


  1. wow!!! it's really a house that will impress! can't wait to set my foot on your palace!

  2. hahaha...palace ka dyan! yeah can't wait to get the keys! thanks Espie!