13 June 2011

Closed Doors

We decided to drop by yesterday and found out that all the doors are locked....for the first time!

We still had the chance to check out the latest inside by peeking through the sliding doors of our alfresco.  They are still working on our floorboards.  Dust is all over the floor, some skirting are in progress, and the carpets have not arrived yet!  I saw a lot of red dots around the house, which they are going to fix before our Practical Completion Inspection (PCI).  How are they going to finish these by 16 June???

We were pumped to see our french front door out standing and unstained.  T'was really nice to see it from afar and in between there's water dripping towards the foot path because somebody has just watered our plants!  Whoah! We're almost there....

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