22 June 2011


We have no inspection done in the past, so we're going to bring our own inspector for the first and last time...The anxious hubby called Henley today becoz we need to have a D-A-T-E!  Regardless how many times he'd been transferred, he was able to book in the New Home Presentation/PCI date on Wednesday!  Woohoo! I know it's a bit odd calling  them, but we're just making sure this house is worth paying for before they hand it to us.

Still in panic mode, our SS has no choice but to "eat" his previous words...house is still not finished; settlement is not gonna happen one day after PCI.

We're hoping to get exactly what we expect, although we already missed the more important things to check at least all visible aspects of the home are met.  So, before we jump for joy I'm crossing my fingers and toes hoping for no major issues at all...goodluck to us!

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