26 August 2011

In my Crib


After seven weeks of adjustment in traffic and working hours, I finally have some photos to share with.  We're so happy with the outcome of haggling back and forth which I give credit the most to the hubby; he's been able to use his knowledge of purchase power..wink, wink, wink ;-)

While some of the areas are still in progress like the study nook and backyard, we don't want to hurry coz we still have our dining table yet!  I am already itching to complete this missing piece in our house puzzle.  By next week, hopefully, we get a call from the furniture shop and give us some bloody good news coz I am so sick of waiting!

OK, let's cut this whinging short anyway and go back with the photos that I am very proud of and is the purpose of this blog.  They are looking the way we wanted them to be and, without any bias at all I think they look really good in these photos (nice job done editing)...hehehe  The beauty is in the eyes of the beholder anyway so let's hear from the critics and get to the business:

    Our lounge area:

The kitchen:
                                       This is my favorite area so far - our alfresco:


We have not attempted to hang picture frames as such our walls would still remain empty for the meantime..So, that's another mini project on the way.  I'll post photos once they are ready to be shown...:-)

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